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How to Support Family Coping During the Holidays and Beyond

How to Support Family Coping during the Holidays and Beyond Shelby Doyle, LCSW, OSW-C was recorded in December 2020. The holidays, while usually a joyful and festive time, can create anxiety and stress for patients who may experience mixed emotions toward celebrating this season and be limited in how they can participate in their usual traditions. For patients with children, additional stress may be placed on the family as they worry about creating happy memories for their children during this special time. Cancer disrupts many routines and role responsibilities within a family unit due to treatment demands, frequent hospitalizations, potential decline in household income and a decrease in the physical and emotional availability of both parents. Patients may worry about how to communicate with their children and help them cope with the many changes in their lives. As oncology social workers, it is within our scope of practice to provide psychosocial support for the entire family as they adjust and progress throughout their cancer trajectory. This webinar will cover how to best support patients who are parents during the holiday season and beyond, as well as how to influence age-appropriate, open communication to support and increase overall family well-being. Eligible for CE credit upon successful completion of a quiz.

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